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    Education & Life Skills for Individuals with Autism from K-12
    • Individual Programming
    • Life Skills
    • Behavior Modification
    • Tuition Assistance
  • Our educational philosophy includes teaching our students life skills, social interaction, academics and appropriate behaviors in their everyday environments.

    • Passionate People

      Our staff is dedicated to creating a safe and loving environment in order to build lasting relationships with our students and families.

    • Parent Partnership

      Our promise is to establish a strong relationship between parents and staff to maximize each student’s consistency at home and school.

      • Individualized Programming

        We believe in a collaborative and team oriented approach centered around each student and their individualized needs.

      Our purpose is to provide individuals with autism the skills necessary to live the highest quality of life possible.

      • Students First

        Your child is the reason we are here. We do not set out to find students. We set out to find extended family members who will allow us to be part of their lives and futures.

      • Future Focused

        We are about creating a community that will support, encourage and teach each other through increased communication and life skills for the real world.

      We value helping individuals with autism and their families reach their capabilities and goals.

      • Team

        Loyal staff working together to build confident individuals.

        • Individuality

          Every student is a piece in our puzzle.

          • Structure

            Consistent carry-over enhances growth.

          • Future

            Preparation for the future is critical for their success.

          • Our Classes

            We Place Students into Classes based on their Abilities
          • At Lexington Life Academy student placement is based on similar grade and ability level with the option of PreK-12th grade.

          • Our programs are designed to provide options for our students to be successful in their academic and functional skills.

          • The Lexington staff has had the privilege of working with individuals with autism for a many years.

            We started our school in 2015 and we are proud to have a staff of highly experienced individuals. We have all been caring for individuals in the developmental disability industry for several years. 

            • Comprehensive reporting on individual achievement
            • Educational field trips and school presentations
            • Individual attention in a small-class setting
            • Learning program with after-school care
            • Positive learning environment for your child
            • Daily Communication

              We communicate with parents through daily communication logs, text messages, videos and pictures.

            • Family Atmosphere

              Our students are our family and we treat all individuals with high expectations and respect.

            • Friendly Place

              Our school is a friendly and inviting place for individuals with autism to learn.

            • Children's Safety

              Safety is first. We make it a priority that they feel safe and are taught the tools to be safe.

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          • Lexington's Related Services

            We offer more than just education and care!
          • We Provide several additional programs for our wonderful students to help further their progression.

          • We offer several additional services such as Yoga, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy. We also have Behavioral Health Services through another sister company, Lexington Behavioral Health Services. We find that these related services make a difference for our students and they also separate us from other schools out there.

            • Occupational Therapy
              by LLA

              Skilled Occupational Therapy services are provided to assist students who struggle with fine motor, visual motor, emotional regulation, or sensory processing difficulties.

            • Speech & Language
              Privided Weekly

              Speech and Language services are provided weekly to assist students with delays in articulation, overall intelligibility, pragmatic, expressive, and receptive language. Services are given both in the classroom and during small structured environments. Functional communication is an essential and critical part of what we help students achieve here at Lexington Life Academy.

            • Yoga
              by Yoga Yingo

              Yoga offers kids a chance to learn ways to self calm and improve body awareness. The postures and movements help improve balance, coordination, focus and concentration. With mastery of skills comes improved self confidence and self esteem.

            • We have seen such positive behavioral changes in our daughter that carry over to home as well as her private therapies.

              Gwendolyn Rojas, Lexington Parent
              Mesa Campus
            • Lexington has opened many doors for our son and we believe it will only continue for him as he grows into adulthood.

              Jennifer Barker, Lexington Parent
              Mesa Campus
            • Lexington Life Academy not only changed my child’s life but also ours. Thanks for your dedicated support for the children.

              Nubia Jimenez, Lexington Parent
              Mesa Campus
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